Saturday is Link Day

For several years I have been sharing links with work colleagues, giving my emails the snazzy name of ” is Link Day!”. The day, of course, is the day I send the email. I have been silly in not also sharing these links on my blog, not because of the thousands of regular reads I have (ha!) but because I regularly find really useful resources I easily forget about. So, without further ado, is my latest Link Day:

Performance/UX/Responsive design

Google have expanded their Web/Fundamentals section with great information on website performance:

Incredibly detailed case study of a performance audit for several sites by speed genius Paul Irish:

Improve mobile UX with these six podcasts:

An oldie but a goodie. Leeds lad Harry Roberts gives a great overview of performance tweaks to make on websites:

The BBC news site is now fully responsive:

Presentation by Bruce Lawson on responsive images: (can’t find a video, sorry)

Jeffrey Zeldman on progressive enhancement, and what it means for wearables:

Oh my word, Kathy Sierra has a new book out: (here’s a trailer video:

Lots of performance tooling resources:

Strategies for staying on top of web performance:


There is ample evidence to suggest that increasing accessibility of a website increases interaction and conversion. Here’s a list of sites that get accessibility right:

Penman Ross (16 years old!) nails why progressive enhancement matters:

Yet another company in a lawsuit over web accessibility:


Anna Debenham has put together a great set of resources about Style Guides:

A set of lovely loaders in pure CSS:

Huge set of design patterns for inspiration:

“A collaborative research project aimed at designing better tools and practices for learning web development”:


Free course on JavaScript design patterns:

Interactive tutorial and reference site for the Markdown formatting language:

If you want to get into Angular don’t forget accessibility:

Good writeup of use of flexbox for a site header:

Open source book on JavaScript development:

Business, teamwork and general interest

We know strategy is important, and execution of that strategy more important still. So why do they often unravel? Contains the great line “no Gantt chart survives contact with reality”.

Don’t say the solution is easy until you’ve worked out what the problem is:

The illusion of free: an essay by Laura Kalbag:

And finally

“A website should be so easy to use a drunk user could use it”. This guy will test that for you:

You may not have heard of “the mother of all demos” (fascinating story: but it’s now an opera:

“Public shaming as a blood sport has to stop”. Monica Lewinsky on the price of shame:

BusinessTown, inspired by Richard Scarry:

Submarine cable map 2015: