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Wednesday is Link Day

It’s been a while, so here’s a humongous list of goodies for y’all. Performance Performance Testing Dictionary, a free book (registration required): Yes, a performance budget builder: Measuring performance (using the navigation timing API): Aligning app performance to business success (podcast): Performance advice from experts: A good case study on performance improving the bottom line:… Read more »

Tuesday is Link Day!

Performance Presentation on “Smaller, faster websites” by Mat Marquis: The website obesity crisis (presentation): What developers should know about performance: What I’ve learned from monitoring four years of web page bloat: Articles about how web performance affects revenue: Avoiding Temptations that Harm Website Performance: Progressive enhancement Jeremy Keith hits… Read more »

Sunday is Link Day!

Business / project management “Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of performance optimization on user experience and business metrics.”: It’s always the right time to revisit the beans-up-noses article: Uncle Bob chimes in on Volkswagen: “Welcome to Traction Stack, a curated directory of marketing resources from six years of research for Traction, the bestselling… Read more »

Wednesday is Link Day!

Business / Working Life Data is not an asset, it’s a liability: Strategic procrastination: Putting on the shipping goggles: (if you’re not a regular reader of Signal vs Noise then you should be) Reduce the distance between the people who make decisions about the product and the people who build the product:… Read more »

Wednesday is Link Day

A super bumper jumbo crop for you :0) UX Interface writing – code for humans: The best interface is no interface: Making companies competitive by expanding design’s role: (more UIE goodness) Style guides best practices, a presentation by Brad Frost: Wonderful presentation by Jared Spool on building delightful UX: Performance… Read more »