Sunday is Link Day!

Business / project management

“Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of performance optimization on user experience and business metrics.”:

It’s always the right time to revisit the beans-up-noses article:

Uncle Bob chimes in on Volkswagen:

“Welcome to Traction Stack, a curated directory of marketing resources from six years of research for Traction, the bestselling book that helps businesses and projects of all kinds get traction.”:

Prevent feature creep:

How to avoid personalisation project pitfalls:


Google tells business leaders not to concentrate on mobile apps:

And the stats show that hoping your mobile app will become popular is like hoping you’ll win the lottery:

Case study on having push notifications in a web app:

A good overview of the different ways of implementing web apps for mobile:

Wait, what? Mobile browser traffic is 2X bigger than app traffic, and growing faster:

A publishing company abandons native apps:


From pages to patterns – practical tips for moving to modular design:

Lovely UI: a collection of mobile UI elements:

Loads of responsive navigation examples:

Not sure if I’ve linked to this Designing for Performance book; if not I apologise:

Using web fonts the best way: design principles:

Even the U.S. government has a style guide now:

Design thinking comes of age:

Web field manual – lots of good design resources:


Adding custom performance metrics:

Transcript and slides for Scott Jehl’s talk “Delivering Responsibly”:

Fantastic idea – Facebook will slow down their network every Tuesday so employees can experience the web as most of the world does:

The ad industry is starting to realise they are a big part of the performance problem:

Consumers still value performance over content:

Zeldman, the godfather of the web, reflects on performance over the years:

Great front-end performance primer for full-stack (i.e. back-end) devs:

Calculate a performance budget:

Web font anti-patterns:


Ever wondered what screen readers actually sound like? Here:

Accessibility wins – showcasing good accessibility:

Using the tabindex attribute:

A11y Rocks! An album for accessibility:

Simple guide to web accessibility testing:

Super-quick accessibility testing – just add a CSS file:

Progressive enhancement

Jake Archibald on implementing modern progressive enhancement:

Flipkart changed from having a native app to a progressive website:

Building an offline page for the Guardian:

There are no “buts” in progressive enhancement (slides):

Jason Garber bangs on about it. You must be getting the message by now, yes?

Good collection of resources:

A big deal: Google advocates progressive enhancement to help with SEO:

Resources, tools, libraries, all that good stuff

Bing have a mobile friendliness checker:

There’s a whole new post-CMS world out there:

“The one-stop place to find the information and tools you need to help you learn, build, and move the web forward.”:

Fantastic interactive site showcasing Firefox’s dev tools:

See who’s tracking you online with this Firefox add-on:

Firefox also have a really useful screenshot command:

The search engine for source code: (limited results, but I quickly found a site using one of my Open Source libraries)

Load testing for websites and APIs:

An image comparison tool, can be put into a build process to check for visual regression:

Passwordless authentication:

Lots of documentation in one place:

Geek life

What’s that? A browser API for taking payments? Yes please:

New HTML elements proposed: <panel> and <panelset>:

A think-piece on the changing form of the browser:

Technical debt: more than just code:

FLIF – free lossless image format:

HTTP is obsolete. It’s time for the distributed, permanent web:

Google is 2 billion lines of code, in one repository:

Designing for accountability, designing for broken-ness:


Guidelines on implementing REST, from the NSA (TL;DNR: put a back-door in it for us … not really :0):

The Terence McGhee Software Ninja Class Hierarchy:

Uncle Bob on making things future proof:

Is programming poetry?

Who Dictates Software Quality: Client or Coder?:

Front-end developer handbook:

The configuration complexity clock:

Programming sucks:


Experiments from Jen Simmons:

Create and maintain style guides using CSS comments:

Nice example of a generic CSS system:

Making the cascade your friend:

Free e-book – transforms in CSS by Eric Meyer:

Flexbox cheatsheet:


Some useful JavaScript utilities, including a C#-like stringFormat:

Making a site work offline with Service Worker:

Using the oninput event handler with onkeyup/onkeydown as its fallback: (note to self: do this)

Stats on the performance of different JavaScript frameworks on mobile devices: (I don’t hide the fact I’m unconvinced by the current obsession with frameworks)

Content aware image cropping:

The definitive source of the best JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins.:

Copy text to the users clipboard:

12 rules for professional JavaScript:

The looping evolution:

Write a flowchart in text, see it instantly updated:

And finally…

Convert images to LEGO:

The wah wah machine. If this doesn’t make you smile you have no soul:

Like maps? Go down a mappy rabbit hole:

Magic playlist – song suggestions based on what you like:

Visualise events in history (powered by Wikipedia):

A new way to choose what to read next: