Wednesday is Link Day!

Business / Working Life

Data is not an asset, it’s a liability:

Strategic procrastination:

Putting on the shipping goggles: (if you’re not a regular reader of Signal vs Noise then you should be)

Reduce the distance between the people who make decisions about the product and the people who build the product:

Everything is broken:

Fluid coupling: When exactly did enterprises become late adopters of technology?

Preparing organisations to become design-infused:

New, responsive design reduces bounce rate at by 37%:


Little Big Details: taking inspiration from the little details that make designs great:

Predictive personas: quote: ‘…the question they should be asking themselves isn’t, “If I interviewed a user, would this describe her?” The question should be, “If I found a person like this, would she become a user?”’

Forget about the mobile Internet:

The style guide: (other examples available on

Style guide from Salesforce:

Improving the checkout experience with animations: (but read the article below…)

Design safer animation for motion sensitivity:

Design patterns:

Front-end principles for designers:

The language of modular design:

How modern web design works:

Progressive enhancement / Performance

Bruce Lawson’s talk “Ensuring a performant web for the next billion people”: (Opera Mini is a popular browser for those with low-powered and low-bandwidth devices)

Aaron Gustafson with a timely reminder that we don’t really control our web pages:

Jeremy Keith’s presentation on progressive enhancement from May: (video and full transcript)

Preloading, prefetching, prebrowsing:

Embracing the network: modern techniques for building resilient front ends: deck, no video published yet)

A beginners guide to website speed optimisation:

User experience / Usability / Accessibility

The psychological speed of mobile interfaces: (this is much the same as “perceived performance” which I bang on about)

The device context continuum – where does the common device context continuum start and end? (hint: it doesn’t)

Hello, my name is <Error>:

Living with bull:

How to write an error message:

Visual ARIA bookmarklet:


Fantastic introductory article about JavaScript promises:

Learning JavaScript in 2015 (from scratch):

Learn JavaScript essentials:

Really interesting look at why SoundCloud started using microservices, by their director of engineering:

5 questions every unit test must answer:

Package built on PhantomJS to generate screenshots at different sizes:

6 tips for Chrome devtools:

Client-side MVC is not a silver bullet:


Free e-book from Smashing Magazine:

Fill Murray: placeholder images of Bill Murray:

And finally…

Old maps:

Interactive cubic Bezier curve editor (more fun than it sounds):

Big list of naughty strings: