Wednesday is Link Day

It’s been a while, so here’s a humongous list of goodies for y’all.


Performance Testing Dictionary, a free book (registration required):

Yes, a performance budget builder:

Measuring performance (using the navigation timing API):

Aligning app performance to business success (podcast):

Performance advice from experts:

A good case study on performance improving the bottom line:

The “average page” is a myth:


This 1939 Chart Explains How Color Affects Legibility:

What’s coming up for Microsoft Edge in 2016. Number 2 on the list: Accessibility:

What to do when you get sued for your inaccessible website:

The BBC gives advice on how to design for accessibility:

The business case for issue prevention: Extreme Accessibility:

Accessibility for business and pleasure:

The browser accessibility tree:

Progressive Enhancement

A simple enhancement for ordering items by, who else, Jeremy “My Man Crush” Keith:

“JavaScript web apps considered valuable”:

“Why I hate your single page app”:

“Don’t tell me what my browser can’t do”:

Progressive web apps by Google (I may have linked to this before):


Mobile and Multi-device design: a free e-book (on Apple devices only, bah):

The world’s poorest households are more likely to have a mobile phone than a toilet:

As mobile screen size increases, so does activity:

Launch an Android app from the web and cleanly fallback to web:


Shared before, but still great. Offline access to documentation:

Give developers autonomy. Couldn’t agree more:

Want to write software for your car? It’s coming:

The history of Open Source, and a glimpse at its future:

The woes of date input (yep, got that t-shirt):

“Paid a great deal to be terrible at development most of the time”:

The art of debugging (presentation and video):

Martin Fowler on feature toggles:

Control CSS filters with HTML attributes:

Developer fallacies:

The sad state of entitled web developers:

Most developers have never seen a successful project:


Via Beth: what’s next for manual testers:

On screen reader testing:


“Design without touching the surface”:

Great talk by Jen Simmons about getting out of our design rut:

CSS best practices presentation:

The Goldilocks approach to responsive design:

About notifications and no-UI:

The dangerous UI team:


We need to really understand promises:

Offline with ServiceWorkers and UpUp:

2016 – the year of streams:

Definitive guide on charts in JavaScript:

const and immutable objects in ES6:

Regex in JavaScript made easy:


Old-school PC fonts:

Online regular expression tester:

Stupid hackathon. Featuring my favourite Chrome extension “Non-Ad Block”:

A feature detection library in 1KB:

Images and sketches of popular mobile devices (from Facebook):

And finally…

Remember Command and Conquer? Here it is in HTML5:

A briefish history of the web (in 3 parts):

Play a drum machine with your keyboard. And record it. Yes:

And if that wasn’t good enough, here’s a TR-808:

Free philosophy e-books. Cos I know you love ’em:

What Tor’s data looks like as it flows around the world:

The web is OK: