Wednesday is Link Day

A super bumper jumbo crop for you :0)


Interface writing – code for humans:

The best interface is no interface:

Making companies competitive by expanding design’s role: (more UIE goodness)

Style guides best practices, a presentation by Brad Frost:

Wonderful presentation by Jared Spool on building delightful UX:

Performance and progressive enhancement

The Guardian reports on advertising affecting web page performance (if you can find the article amongst all the ads…):

And CNN Money is also talking about web performance:

Progressive enhancement, by the government:

Don’t add the clever thing:

10 ways to minimise reflows:

Designing with progressive enhancement (talk, slides):

Cache efficiency study by Facebook:

Offline first – the final frontier?:

The web’s cruft problem:

There was a lot of discussion about progressive enhancement following a couple of conferences in June, here are the best articles I saw about it:

Assumptions (by Remy Sharp):

Baseline (by my man-crush Jeremy Keith):

Thriving in unpredictability (by Tim Kadlec):

Availability (by Stuart Langridge): (also see


WAI-ARIA screen reader compatibility tables:

The great and good of the accessibility world are putting together an Album for Accessibility:

Styling forms accessibly:

The business case for (accessible) issue prevention:

The accessibility cheatsheet:

Tools and resources

Control and manage real smartphones from your browser:

Awesome geek podcasts! Awesome!

Lightweight, standalone JavaScript input masking:

Get started with CSS (a free course by Russ Weakley, CSS guru):

New W3C mobile checker tool:

Free book on JavaScript:

And another one:

Know your HTTP (posters to print):

Performance tools, a good list by CSS Tricks:

Accessibility testing plugin for Chrome:

Automated accessibility testing:

Accessibility visualisation toolkit:

New performance tools in Firefox:


Everyone knows about, so here’s

.Net Framework 4.6 is coming, with lots of goodies:

Yet Another Weekly Email:

Developer or user convenience, who should pay? Good stuff from Aaron Gustafson:

A website for code reviews:

The boring front-end developer:

Layers and legacies: a warning about old code:

Comparisons between software and medicine:

The whole of JavaScript in one picture:

.Net extensions galore:

Useful JavaScript debugging tips you didn’t know:

No good can come of bad code:

The role of a senior developer:

And finally…

You know (and hopefully love), so check out

An old-skool synth in JavaScript:

Finally, a solution to providing comments without feeding the trolls:

3D maps of every London Underground station:

Stories about the internet (more interesting than it sounds):

The untold story of the invention of the game cartridge:

For the pedants among you: