RT @slightlylate: Folks ask which framework to pick and my answer is always the same: have a performance budget and management support to block launches on bad perf. Next, default to processing on the server or at build time. Lastly, and only if you must, adopt lightweight client-side tools. https://t.co/3Far8MSPgb

I missed this when Heather first shared it. You should not make my mistake; this is vital reading for anyone involved in the making of software. #development #software #webdev https://t.co/Ko2hKUtWeu

Last week I did a talk: “Building Resilient Websites”. If you’re involved in making websites please take a look, slides and video are available here: https://t.co/Ly3u7YBmJO Quotes and data from @slightlylate , @adactio, @AaronGustafson, @tkadlec, @NNgroup and many more