Google sitemaps…

I’ve been playing with the excellent Google Sitemaps facility (yes, you guessed it, it’s in beta) and I’m impressed. It’s easy to use, and provides some really nice simple statistics for those that are that way inclined. For example, here’s my top ten search queries:

Number Search Average position
1 animals 11
2 sport 17
3 chris taylor 10
4 wibsite 8
5 datatable class 9
6 animals in sport 10
7 computers unlimited 10
8 wiblog 8
9 javascript zoom 15
10 cartoon children 106

All in all a pretty fair reflection of what I do with my time, I think you’ll agree.

Alternatives to Adobe and Macromedia software…

If, like me, you’re unsure about the future of your favourite web or graphics software due to the merger of Adobe and Macromedia, never fear. There’s always lots of alternatives to try.

I’ve been using the Gimp for a while but have never really got to grips with it because I’ve never really been a Photoshop boy. My heart belongs to Fireworks, a stunning piece of software. And, to be honest, the Gimp hasn’t the balls to steal my heart away.

So if you know of a free (preferably open source and platform-agnostic) close equivalent of Fireworks let me know.

How to write biographies…

Theres been a bit of a lull in entries on the Geek Times recently, not surprising when you know what’s happened in our family recently. Yes, he’s fine – a little cutey in fact. And he gave us his first smile on Friday, which was lovely.

Anyway, back to the geeky stuff, or at least something on the web. There are some pretty humourous biographies here, probably more funny to me because they are about musicians. But this is the kind of writing I like; it gets the facts across and puts a smile on your face.