RT @WalterStephanie: #Rant I see many amazing women in our industry, super good at HTML, CSS and Accessibility. Yet they don’t find a nice and well paid job because they don’t know fancy JS frameworks. JS became a big gate keeper. Yet we NEED people good at HTML/CSS. We just don’t want to pay them.

RT @jodieginsberg: We are sleep-walking towards a system in which perfectly legal online speech is regulated. Anyone who thinks this is going to target only deliberate nastiness and won’t impact political criticism, religious expression or advocacy for minority groups is living in cloud cuckoo land https://t.co/1nNRUj9XFx

RT @LeonieWatson: If you build login/password reset interfaces, please don’t prevent pasting into password fields. It reduces security because manually entering a secure password is hard for most people and worse for many disabled people, so it’s easier to use a simple password instead.

RT @knowbility: The business case for accessibility: 1. Increase revenue 2. Boost market share 3. Improve efficiency 4. Drives innovation 5. Reduce legal risk (Covered during this morning’s #SXSW2019 #a11ymasterclass by @becka11y)

RT @WebDevLaw: Published at midnight, the findings of the Lords Communications Committee enquiry into the shape of future internet regulation; I’m very glad they solicited the expertise of people I know and respect. 1/3 https://t.co/JvbqqrHyb8