RT @OnyekaAg: Idk I’ll never stop rooting for retaining the simplicity of HTML/CSS. We’re breeding new devs everyday who jump straight to learning JS & don’t understand the basics. Favouring over-engineering and bloating the web with ephemeral ‘frameworks’ because of shiny new toy syndrome.

RT @SaraSoueidan: The more I build accessible UI elements the more I witness how friggin powerful semantic HTML is. Sure, I already knew how important it is but seriously accessibility is one of those things that make it SHINE! Writing proper HTML+CSS certainly is a very powerful job of its own.

RT @rem: A thought keeps floating through my head on this vague discussion that “CSS is too complex” [for JavaScript developers]. If CSS threw exceptions and broke entirely, JS devs might not think it were so hard to grok. Though, silent erroring is key to resilience. /fistbumps HTML