RT @PopTechWorks: I’m often asked “Aren’t tools are neutral? Isn’t it the intentions of users that matter?” As a semi-pro brick mason, I respond: I have seven different trowels. Each evolved for a specific task: a bucket trowel transports mortar, a pointing trowel tucks it into joints. (1/4)

RT @brucel: “Technology by itself can’t solve problems” – @johnmaeda. Totes agree (but I put it more crassly: I hate computers, but I love what you can do with them. https://t.co/z91CpQWp2e) #SmashingConf

RT @mor10: I have a huge idea. To communicate this idea sufficiently, I need to write a book. To write that book, I need to read a long list of books and articles published in the last several years. My dyslexia makes that an almost insurmountable task.