RT @timberners_lee: Today the internet is 50 years old. The internet & the web it enabled have changed billions of lives for the better. But their power for good is under threat. This birthday must mark the moment we take on the fight for the web we want. https://t.co/vV1mkDZO8i #Internet50

RT @AndyDavies: Low end devices are a first world problem too That Alcatel 1x @slightylate is showing… happens to be one of Vodafone UK’s popular PAYG phones But if you’re not delivering a tolerable experience it probably won’t show up in your analytics data https://t.co/0Shhb4pA7G

RT @ZoeBijl: Periodic reminder that it’s best to use initial caps for your hashtags: #AccessibleHashtags. This way assisitive technology will announce the words in the hashtag rather than a long string of characters. It’s also a lot easier to read. #themoreyouknow vs #TheMoreYouKnow

RT @decadecity: I currently have availability for consultancy work. I help companies get the most out of their marketing websites with SEO, analytics, accessibility and tag management. If you have opportunities in this area I’d love to hear from you. (RT’s appreciated) https://t.co/FUDq1YRa7G https://t.co/CoAilfdJcy