Monthly Archives: March 2007

Website security

A few recent goings-on (going-ons?) have made me think about website security. Firstly was the flurry of interest about Open ID, which is an open, distributed identity system. Basically you set up one Open ID account and use that account to log into websites, applications and services which support it. It’s not without it’s problems,… Read more »

Unfortunate doubles

Company photos can be unfortunate at the best of times. And when you look like a dubious Internet celebrity you need to rethink your press pack.

Playing the sharing

One of my favourite free music site is 3hive, although these days I rarely get a chance to download much stuff. The problem is I have to download something before I know whether it floats my boat, so to speak. Even with broadband that’s a few seconds per song, which soon adds up. Not any… Read more »

More Performing

There are a couple of new functions I’ve got in development for my unobtrusive JavaScript library. I’ve you’ve not had a look at what Performer does then have a ganders now, I’ll be waiting. Anyway, new functions. Firstly I’m doing a simple Submitter function that will listen for a form being submitted, intercept the submission… Read more »