The season of sniffles is among us

For the second time in three weeks I feel myself coming down with some kind of cold (or ‘man-flu’, if you will). Today work was pretty awful, sneezing and coughing and trying to keep breathing so it’s not really surprising I left with the distinct feeling I didn’t get anything really wothwhile done.

The one thing I did do which turned out OK is I helped to redesign some tables of information in a particular piece of software. They were bog-standard grey outline tables, but we made them all pretty – mainly by trying to make them look like an iTunes table. Ah, Apple, we sure are grateful to your designers.

So I’m off to bed, now I’ve got some vitally important things done. But before I go I wanted to link to Chris Heilmann’s CSS table gallery which is a great resource for table-based stylings. Chris is, of course, more known for his work with JavaScript, but he’s obviously no slouch with design either.