Friday roundup

This week, like most weeks at the moment, has been stupidly busy. I’ve caught a few really interesting articles on the web but just haven’t got time to write about everything I want to write about. So instead here’s a quick list (in definition-list format, for the technology-afflicted).

Blood, Bullets, Bombs, and Bandwidth
A tale of two California cipherpunks who went to Baghdad to seek their fortune, and bring the Internet to Iraq.
10 tips for optimising MySQL queries
Some of these points are useful for other database systems as well
Hugh McLeod has a wiki
You’re all welcome to join in the fun.
The Stanford prison Experiment
An (in)famous 1970s psychology experiment which showed what happens when you put essentially good apples in a bad barrel. If this doesn’t make you look at yourself in the mirror differently then nothing will.
Very nifty JavaScript with the Ext library
Yes, another JavaScript library, with some neat widgets.
10 reasons you should never get a job
Steve Pavlina is a very smart bloke, but I guess most of us are too scared to think too seriously about what he’s saying.
The new Snickers advert
Is there anything more great than that? I don’t think so.