Safari for Windows

The web world is grinning at the news that Apple’s Safari browser is now available for Windows. It’s long been regarded as one of the better browsers and is considered to have pretty much the best CSS support.

It’s great that there’s now even more choice for people who want to get away from the awfulness that is Internet Explorer 6, or the clunky interface of Internet Explorer 7. Well done Apple, you’ve done a Good Thing.

3 thoughts on “Safari for Windows

  1. Well, first thoughts are pretty much what the rest of the blogosphere has thought – it looks nice as an app but that font smoothing is pretty awful. I haven’t used it enough to miss some of the featues that aren’t there, and it hasn’t crashed at all on me yet.

    All in all, it’s an interesting addition to the collection of Good Browsers, but I’d still recommend Firefox to anyone as the best all-round browser out there.

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