An ode to the Web Three: HTML, CSS and JavaScript

I have to say I completely agree with David when he says he likes HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I do too.

The web has matured enough so that with the tools and technologies currently available, even with all the constraints, developers the world over are creating some fantastic solutions that just wouldn’t be possible any other way. It’s a pity we as web developers are generally looked down on as lesser beings than desktop developers, although I’m not sure why that would be. Maybe it’s jealousy. I have noticed that desktop application developers tend to focus on the technology and the intricacies of solutions, rather than just getting things done.

The constraints of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are not there to suppress innovation and hinder development, rather they foster an attitude of creativity to work with the constraints to product something great. After all, every great painting that has ever been painted has been built from the creative mix of a handful of primary colours. It seems that having three contrasting but complementary elements is a Good Thing.