Flickrising the world

I’ve succumbed and created an account with Flickr, the amazingly popular image management website. While I have a gallery of images here on this very site, it’s not that easy to add pictures to. No batch tagging, no handy uploader tool to drag and drop photos in. Whereas FLickr makes uploading, tagging, renaming, commenting and organising photos a breeze. I’ll still keep the gallery here, but it will be for just a few select photos I think.

So take a look at my photos. My favourite so far is this fantastic sunset.

7 thoughts on “Flickrising the world

  1. I only recently signed up at Flickr myself, after seeing how handy it could be to insert images quickly into posts using a particular WordPress plug-in. I then found the updated version of the plug-in ( that creates an album on your own site that mirrors Flickr’s as well as easy inserts into your posts.

  2. Flickr is rather good.

    And that is a great sunset photo. What are those buildings on the right?

  3. The buildings on the right are the old weavers cottages just by my house. I have some pictures of them in daylight, but they’re not on Flickr yet. I’ve already hit the limit of the free account 🙂

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