Jetpack, and what this means for Wibstats

The WordPress guys have recently announced their latest project, Jetpack. It’s basically a set of plugins that run on the WordPress cloud, so you get infinitely-scalable resources to back you up. One of those plugins is stats.

Now, anyone that knows me knows one of my plugins is a statistics system called Wibstats. I’m part-way through a new version with a handful of new features.

But seeing as the WordPress stats system can now be easily installed on any blog anywhere (and indeed will come as standard with WordPress installations from most of the big hosting companies), should I bother to finish and release it? Yes, yes I should.

You see, there have always been other statistics plugins, so that hasn’t changed. They have all been easy to install (gotta love the WordPress plugin architecture) and that hasn’t changed. So even though WordPress themselves are now backing a set of plugins, including statistics, there will always be people who want something different from their stats package- maybe the something different is exactly what Wibstats does.

So, in the true spirit of Open Source, I’m going to finish Wibstats and “compete” against WordPress’ Jetpack. At the very least, Wibstats is cool to me.

Finding time to finish it will be the tricky bit.

One thought on “Jetpack, and what this means for Wibstats

  1. Hi Chris, this is Marty.
    Yesterday, my WP stats failed to show up. After waiting for it to be fixed, I decided to have a look around for another plugin and I fortunately found yours. This I really like. It has far more detail for analysis. It was definitely worth you continuing with this project. It’s a shame I can’t pick up my historical stats with it. If I could I’d ditch the WP stats widget and stick with yours. Good work man.
    Oh, and I see you are a fellow musician. I listened to some of yours and liked. I’m in a band myself. I think maybe we have quite some contact here. Thank you.

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