How to write biographies…

Theres been a bit of a lull in entries on the Geek Times recently, not surprising when you know what’s happened in our family recently. Yes, he’s fine – a little cutey in fact. And he gave us his first smile on Friday, which was lovely.

Anyway, back to the geeky stuff, or at least something on the web. There are some pretty humourous biographies here, probably more funny to me because they are about musicians. But this is the kind of writing I like; it gets the facts across and puts a smile on your face.

Letters after my name…

You may not know that I have letters after my name, namely ” B.A.(Hons) Jazz Studies”. Yes, jazz studies. It was a great course, but not very relevent to my current career. I’ve been thinking about getting some form of qualification in computing or web development for a while, but haven’t had the chance to do a lot of research so far.

But I spent some minutes today looking at a few local universities, and I found a few relevant courses:

Huddersfield University: Multimedia and E-Learning PG Certificate/PG Diploma/MSc (details), Information and Communication Technology BSc(Hons) (details), Internet Application Development MSc/PgDip (details)

University of Leeds: New Media BA (details)

Leeds Metropolitan University: FdSc E-Business (details), E-Business Systems (details), FdSc Internet Computing (details), BA(Hons) Web Media Management (details)

I then took a trip to the Open University, a remote learning centre of some repute, and discovered that they do a web development certificate: full details at

Ideally I’d like something where I could start each module of a course when I want, take however long I want – so I could whizz through the bits I already know well and spend more time on the bits that are new to me – and therefore get a certificate or qualification more quickly. Does anyone know any web development courses, or computing courses in general, like that?

Baby happenings…

Yes, it happened. At 2.52pm yesterday Reuben John was born weighing 6lb 8oz. So far he’s very quiet and content, so let’s hope it stays that way! Both mother and baby are absolutely gorgeous and doing well.