Ugly mug…

Several times I have read that having your picture on your website increases peoples trust and confidence in you. As if seeing a picture will somehow make you more real and approachable. Although whether someone would find this chap approachable based on the evidence of his photo I find somewhat unbelievable.

However, I have succumbed. And why my choice of picture is perhaps more … informal than some would say is best for a serious web developer, it does convey some playfulness. I think.

Or perhaps that’s just manic lunacy, I always get confused between those two expressions.

The summer is over…

So that’s it, we’ve hit Autumn. Summer has gone – that was it just there, did you miss it? So we can look forward to 8 or more months of wind, rain, snow and sleet. Lucky us.

But we’ll be fine, locked up in our big warm house with our lovely baby. It got me thinking today about the world he will grow up in. He’ll never know a year that start ’19’. Probably never watch a film on video tape or buy an album on cassette. Never be amazed at seeing one of the first 3D computer animations.

He’ll consider mobile phones to be an essential item, single glazing to be part of a bygone era, and computers will be an everyday item to him. He won’t have the fantastic eye-opening technological discoveries that I’ve had. However, he’ll have so much more.

What will he see that I won’t? The first manned mission to Mars? Portable 3D displays? Decent digital paper? True artificial intelligence?

For all the problems the world has, and it has a lot, it’s still an exciting time for a geek and his son.

Making big decisions…

A recent email to a friend set me thinking. And here’s what I thought:

My wife’s sticky toffee pudding had a large bearing on my decision to “pop the question” and I realise more and more every day what a sensible decision that was.

Perhaps more of the worlds big decisions should be made based on the culinary aspects of the consequences. That may stop our governmental leaders from invading countries with particularly excellent recipes.

Food for thought, if you pardon the expression.

projectGenie – the website…

Just like “Cheese – the film”. I’m being a bit premature with this, but I’ve waited so long to get this live I’m going to tell you all about it before I’ve had chance to finish it. You know my project management software? Well, it’s now got it’s own website.

Obviously it’s not finished yet, and I’m frankly not sure when it will be, but I’m happy with it all the same.