RT @gregwhitworth: Hey folks, if you’re interested in helping Microsoft Edge improve the built-in controls & components within the platform; take this short survey. Based on the results I’ll probably create a survey to dig into these sub-topics further. Please RT: https://t.co/1tJEAG4AO4

RT @AlecStapp: Since GDPR went into effect: ? 206,326 total cases ? 94,622 complaints ? 64,684 data breach notifications ? 47,020 other ?? 47% ongoing ? 52% closed ???? 1% appealed ? €55,955,871 fines imposed Full report from the European Data Protection Board https://t.co/qDQthGbKU6 https://t.co/CoBG0cJkuj

RT @shaunrashid: @phillipwills @jkronika The industry is losing out on a ton of great talent and skill by weighting so heavily on JavaScript. It raises the barrier to entry because so many companies have jumped on the framework bandwagon and limited their search to the pool of (great) Javascript devs.