RT @spdustin: I know a lot of media personalities, Twitter “influencers”, or whatever have shared their treatment of the Mueller Report today. I’m a big ol’ nerd, so here’s what I’m doing with all this delicious, delicious data. Yes, it’s a thread. Because I’m doing something different. 1/23

RT @tkadlec: “For government, https://t.co/IYIpp2S2Gd is often the only place a user can get information. If the website were to perform badly, we become a single point of failure.” Great rundown of why performance is so important to https://t.co/IYIpp2S2Gd https://t.co/PKPr86jkR3

RT @webaxe: #webdev #ARIA “If you can use a native HTML element or attribute with the semantics and behavior you require already built in, instead of re-purposing an element and adding an ARIA role, state or property to make it accessible, then do so.” https://t.co/6PCk3yxypP