RT @fraying: One completely consistent divide I’ve observed over the years: anyone who has actually managed a community knows not to feed trolls. The people who think that drawing attention to trolls is helping have never managed a community.

RT @marick: Educationally, one of the greatest problems in software is: (1) people learn programming as a solo activity. (2) the difference between N=1 programmers and even N=2 is profound. That is, *any* coordination between individuals substantially reduces each individual’s productivity.

RT @thekguy: “The Pragmatic Programmers” on the @changelog featuring @pragdave and @PragmaticAndy with host @adamstac Summary ? https://t.co/bHeX1g7P6V Full episode ? https://t.co/iAZnkHWInR #jazz #fundamentals https://t.co/goo15vTFKD

RT @sil: Some will think, that’s a wild cost. Having worked on big enterprises sites, that’s cheap. The key points are: 1. Can they afford it: yes 2. Will their lawyers cost more than that: yes, in the first week of the trial 3. Is it the right thing: yes, which is the only reason needed https://t.co/8PH0EaW6xJ