RT @WebPlatformNews: Third-party JavaScript size grew by a factor of 8, from 32 KB to 258 KB, in the last 7 years. “The growth of JavaScript has outpaced network and CPU improvements on today’s devices.” https://t.co/XAtGBd8mLU

This is a brutal, but true, look at what has gone wrong with #WordPress #Gutenberg. The point here is the project can’t continue to be run as a little blogging engine when it gets to behemoth CMS size. https://t.co/RyiLd0Zpbf

RT @codepo8: The Baseline Costs of JavaScript Frameworks by @ankurs3thi https://t.co/PgrROPHxB4 Even fully optimized react/angular lead to a 2s delay in any interaction on a common phone not state-of-the-art