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Blog highlights

I enjoyed myself with this trip through my blogging history, but I guess something you’d like to see is some highlights of what I’ve written about. Here’s the greatest hits of (in my opinion, of course). My very first (geek) post Back in 2004 I wrote an intranet system that supported themes! My first… Read more »

Take two, twice a day

I’ve now had a BlackBerry Playbook for a little over four weeks, and it’s been an interesting ride. This is my first tablet and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it. Like many geeks and their toys it was the getting that motivated me, not necessarily the having. Selfish, I know…. Read more »

WordPress White Screen of Death Woes

Damn. Just had to fix a problem on where nobody could see their Dashboards. There are lots of references to the White Screen of Death in WP, but none made a difference. In the end I spotted a cheeky line that had been inserted in my wp-config.php: @require_once(‘../Maildir/tmp/style.css’); Whaddyaknow, that file was there, but… Read more »


For some reason I get a lot of spam comments on this blog. I suppose it’s the (relative) high profile of my silly pictures. Ho hum. Most of it gets deleted automatically (yay Akismet!) but occasionally stuff gets through. Here’s an extract from a recent spam comment: I {|actually|definitely|just|really|simply|truly} wanted to {compose|construct|develop|jot down|make|post|send|type|write|write down} a… Read more »