Pachelbel must die

You know what, I completely agree with this guy:

Rob Paravonian cuts to the heart of the Canon in D

I remember the days of struggling to school with a trombone case only slightly smaller than a coffin at the end of my trembling arm. Whereas the violin players got to pretend they were in the Mafia ("Hey, you got a gun in there") I just got picked on ("Hey, you got a bazooka in there? Or just your lunch?").

The flute players could pack away their instrument in seconds flat, then fit it in their bags. Even the trumpet players had cases small enough to sling into a rucksack. But not the trombonists, we were stuck with carrying something that would make worried mothers push their children across the road, out of our way.

Still, it wasn’t all bad. There aren’t many instruments that can sound as rude as the trombone does, and for it to be correct. Con farto, indeed.

One thought on “Pachelbel must die

  1. Great story…. I played saxamaphone, and it too was a royal pain in the arse to lug around, and to pack up at the end of wind band practice. The bloody elasticated bow ties they made us wear….. shudders!!

    Eventually I was too lazy to lug it any further, and stopped playing it, a move which I now lament to a certain degree.


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