1971 Marshall Super Bass 100 valve head amp for sale

In a break from my usual mix of web, business and random related entries, I’d like to let you know that my 1971 Marshall Super Bass 100 valve head amp is currently for sale on eBay. The market for these things is probably in the low single figures worldwide, but if someone can give it a better home then I’d love to speak with you. contact me the usual way or respond through eBay.

The sale of this classic amp is being managed by my very good friend Milan Lad, who is a phenomenal musician.

Competing music formats

It’s a shame that despite the hoo-hah over different online music formats that a completely free, high-quality and extremely versatile format is being overlooked somewhat. Maybe it’s just that a lot of people haven’t heard of Ogg Vorbis, but the fact is it could be the answer we’re waiting for.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without it’s problems, but Ogg is certainly the strongest glimmer of hope for the increasingly beleaguered digital music format landscape. Which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is only going to get more complex as time goes on.

New bird on the block

Here’s something that’s sure to ruffle a few feathers (pun very much intended). Yesterday while searching for an open-source player for a particular music file format I stumbled across this tuneful Songbird. It’s basically half-iTunes, half-Firefox. Intrigued? I know I was, and not just by the great design and illustration of the site.

After installing the developer preview (it’s currently in alpha, not even beta yet) and taking a look around I found that when you navigate to a website it automatically scans the page and puts all the music files linked from the page into a playlist ready for listening and/or downloading. Fantastic, and not unlike my very own Greasemonkey script for playing MP3 files on 3Hive. Except better. Much, much better.

I think it looks pretty cool, and you get even more great illustration in the program itself (is that bird pooping?) as well as a load of configuration options – and even add-ons, just like the fantastic ‘Fox. It says it integrates with iPods as well, and while it certainly recognised my iPod and showed all the playlists on it, I couldn’t create or copy a playlist to the iPod itself. Hopefully there’ll be some decent documentation somewhere that will help me out.

So if you’re into the musical web, this could well be the most useful software you get this year.

Playing the sharing

One of my favourite free music site is 3hive, although these days I rarely get a chance to download much stuff. The problem is I have to download something before I know whether it floats my boat, so to speak. Even with broadband that’s a few seconds per song, which soon adds up.

Not any more. If you’re a user of the greasy monkey for Firefox, you’re in luck. Just download this GreaseMonkey script and you’ll get a little Flash player below each download link. You can preview each track before you download with a mere click of the mouse. The Flash player was written by Jeroen Wijering and he’s kindly giving it away free. In this version of the 3hive player the Flash file is run from my website, but you can easily amend the script to run the file from somewhere else.

Happy listening!